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Best Budget 500USD

By Cyril Pius
Updated On 31 Jan 2017

Good Graphics Cards Under $150 to $250 2016

If you're looking for pure performance in the $150 to $250 range, you should consider the RX 480 and the GTX 1060. Both of these GPUs are good for future VR performance and should have no problem playing today's latest AAA titles in 60 frames 1080p while conquering many titles in 1440p at the same rate.

Staying Within the $500 Budget of this Build

If you want to stick to the $500 budget, you'll need to choose between the GTX 1050 Ti and the RX 470. The RX 470 is the better performer while the GTX 1050Ti runs $30 cheaper and more energy efficient as well.

Processor : Intel Core i3-7100 Kabylake 7thGen Processor

Money To Purchase The Right Processor In This budget Will Be From 100-120$'s. This Would Be A Mid Level CPU.You Could Always Go For The i3 6100 Or i3 -7100 Based On Availability I Would Prefer Kabylake 7100 And If You Want To Avoid Future Bottleneck go with something like the i5 6500 for 50$ or 70$ more but i will give you a overall boost to your Rig, Much Better Performance Single Threaded! Motherboard:High-End Performance Users Can Always Go For And Spend As Much AS they want on the motherboards with that being said you dont need a super expensive motherboard to get a good gaming computer for 500$. A Solid option in the 50$ price range would be something like Gigabyte's GA-H110M-A motherboard or Asus H110m-A.These micro ATX motherboards that have a few restrictions, including being limited to 2133MHz memory, but overall have everything you need at this price point. Keep in mind that if you want to overclock, you'll need to go with a good Z170 motherboard. (Z270 if you go Kaby Lake) Additional options can be found in our $400 gaming PC build.

PSU (Power Supply Unit) :Finding a Power Supply Around $30

First and foremost are the EVGA 430W and 500W Bronze certified power supplies. I wouldn't rank these in the top tier; however, they're perfect for a budget and offer decent energy efficiency. With A 500$ Budget too, We're Trying To Get The Maximum Peformance With Build quality .Well Its Hard To Find But These Guys Are bag the banng!

Case :(Cabinet):Best Mid Tower Gaming Case Under $30

For this build we've reserved about $30 for our mid tower gaming case.With current prices on the Rosewill Ranger, Xion mATX, and Rosewill FBM-01, you should be able to find a decent case for that price. Better yet, if you can find a case that's normally in the $50 range on rebate, you can typically get amazing value here. While this case is more than you need if you're using a low profile card, it's better to err on the larger side for your case in the chance that you upgrade in the future and need to fit a larger card. Additional Computer Hardware to Consider for a Budget $500 PC Build

Ram:Crucial,Ballistix, Corsair Vengeance LPX kits

Here we're going with a 4x2GB configuration of DDR4. As your motherboard will not support speeds in excess of 2133MHz, be sure to go with something inexpensive here. I've seen Crucial Ballistix, Corsair Vengeance LPX kits, and many others available for around $50.

Solid State Drive:PNY 240

Unfortunately we only have around $50 for our hard drive or solid state drive. In my opinion, you're better off going with a 240GB solid state drive for around $50 then going with a 1 TB hard drive. The performance differential is simply too big. What's more is that it's likely you have a hard drive or external drive that can work as your storage option. PNY has a great 240GB solid state drive for around $65. I'd go with something like that. In the future, adding in a 1 TB hard drive for capacity should be as simple as stripping it from a previous machine or purchasing it for around $50.